AMI/OIMC WEB PROJECT v2 'Amphitheatre online'

14/09/2014 22:14

 We in construction of the redevelopment of our site to host us properly.

This will allow us to offer intercultural debates online, put you in contact with a specialist of your choice to ask questions about the knowledge you share.

This amphitheatre online will be an opportunity to publicize your ideas, enhancement of the other and concord of the civilizations that are devoted to reveal and to produce the universal knowledge of creating a smart community.

We feed the AMI/OIMC site as well as our Blog on our free time.

A smart community stimulates, supports and accelerates innovation in enterprises, institutions, culture and Government. For example, by creating and stimulating the growth of new companies the entrepreneurial community and new organizations that respond to basic needs.

The intelligent community created an environment of unique innovation in terms of the contribution of the arts, heritage and culture in general in the development of their community.

Efficient and innovative communications are at the heart of the smart community. Diversification of platforms, participation of each consultation and decision assistance, mobility, are important elements of smart communications. A strong synergy characterizes the linkages between the various public and private actors.

A smart community is a real attraction for entrepreneurs, researchers and creators who engaged!

A smart community promotes accessibility to services, and digital by education, training or access to technology for all. That is why we want to create an Amphitheatre online to discuss on various themes previously selected as part of the culture, politics, philosophy sociology etc. related to interculturality.

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Our DNA is the culture... The other also.

Take ownership of this site, talk around you. And help us to achieve the necessary budget. Any surplus will be assigned to the actions carried out by the Association and reserves for the future and allow to cope with potential blows.