One Sign For One LIfe Save ASIA

03/11/2014 09:31

 we must mobilise to Asia Bibi, victim of an outrageous injustice!

Pakistan and mother of 5 children this young woman was arrested in 2010 and sentenced to death for a glass of water.

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Christian, it is would be contested with the women of her village who did not want to drink from the same glass of water she, because of his religious beliefs.

Asia Bibi is accused of taking profanity and since 2010, she is sentenced to death.

The appeal of his trial implementation was rejected and again, capital punishment was confirmed a couple of weeks ago by a Pakistani court. Today, we must mobilise to say no to his conviction and save!

We call to the Rector of the Paris Mosque that he denounces these practices of another age and contrary to humanity.

A bigthanks to all those who support the cause of Asia Bibi!